Our Industry Coverage

As a generalist firm, MDMartin provides comprehensive workforce solutions services across all industry sectors.

Below are a list of key industry sectors covered.

Our Expertise and Services

Below are a list of the services we provide.
Our clients can choose to package one or more of the services below.


At MDMartin, we provide the labor force across all industry sectors as we are a generalist company


We provide comprehensive payroll processing services on a weekly basis for our clients


At MDMartin, we offer our employees a variety of benefits including - but not limited to - healthcare coverage, vacation and holiday pay and ride-share options


At MDMartin, we aim to be your business partner. We provide an on-site management team to assist you with your operations and to manage our employees daily so our clients can focus on what's important - growth


We provide operational consulting analyses for our clients to help mitigate risks associated with day to day operations


In addition to our staffing and consulting services, our comprehensive package provides site management and care - including but not limited to - janitorial services, employee product care/replacement as well as vending services

  • Electronic Repair

    We have extensive experience in electronics repair and refurbishment.

  • Fulfillment

    We fully staff and operate as a staffing partner for various fulfillment centers across all industry sectors

  • Warehouse

    We provide staffing services to warehouse and storage facilities for various major consumer goods and products industry leaders

  • Consumer

    At MDMartin, we staff consumer goods and services front and back “of the house” teams.

    We traditional staff the following industries:

    • Hospitality
    • Restaurant
    • Short-term and Long-term Events
    • Healthcare/Nursing
    • Construction/Development
  • Manufacturing

    We staff manufacturing warehouse and operations positions across all industry sectors

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